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Ann Arbor's deer
cull is over, for now!

We are grateful to the compassionate Council Members who continue to support the humane treatment of wildlife and stop wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

HSHV's position statement

Is there a problem?

A passionate group of residents reported landscaping damage, concerns with vehicle-deer collisions and Lyme disease.


The latest research shows deer are not responsible for Lyme disease, and Ann Arbor drivers are more likely to collide with and injure a bicyclist than a deer. And wildlife experts confirm that there is no biological overpopulation in Ann Arbor. But some individuals are frustrated by deer eating plants in their landscaping, gardens, and public parks.

Why a cull?


Some communities hire cullers to kill deer to reduce the deer population. The problem is, while these culls do initially decrease the number of deer, the population rebounds and we just have to keep killing. (Jackson culled deer for 9 years in a row.)


If we want to be proactive in stemming the deer population, there are numerous safe, non-lethal methods that have been successful in other communities.


How you can help

Whether you're worried about the safety of sharpshooters in our city, don't want taxpayer money wasted on this, appreciate deer in our City, practice non-violence, don't see a problem, or simply know there are better ways to handle this, please join us and let your voice be heard.



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