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Humans destroy their habitat and then deer become a "nuisance ". Makes me sick.

Jim Rogers

Ann Arbor, MI

This is not what should be done as a first response to this issue. More humane options have been presented, but ignored.

Mary Richter

Ann Arbor, MI

This is not the best way to control the population, not to mention inhumane and foolish!

Brooks Stevens

Ypsilanti, MI

My tax dollars should NOT be used for GUNS! Period! Using Loopholes to get your way makes me sick and even though I recently moved here to be with intelligent, peace-loving people, I may move away and let everyone know the Truth about Ann Arbor! Disappointed in the city council - disgusted even and ashamed!

Ilene Beninson

Berkley, MI

Sterilize/castrate the bucks, just like local farmers do to keep their herds down

Julie Byrnes

Ann Arbor, MI

No guns!!!!

Emily Trentacosta

Ann Arbor, MI

I don't agree with City Council that there is a deer population "problem" and if there is a problem, I certainly want to see a nonviolent solution.

Jody Hoffman

Ann Arbor, MI

I believe there are better solutions.

Marilyn Tower

Ann Arbor, MI

i believe that most people in Ann Arbor do not want the deer killed in the city. and that it should be put to a vote by all who can vote.

Jane Mariouw

Ann Arbor, MI

I strongly agree with and endorse the many valid points in this petition. Council's vote to kill the deer had me thunderstruck by its illogicality, its nonsensicality. This in Ann Arbor, of all places! It is horrifying and unacceptable.

Grace Fredkin

Ann Arbor, MI

We need to readdress this issue with ALL the facts presented and considered. Clearly this was a preconceived plan, and the council went through the motions. Stop and listen!!

Jo-Anne Julius

Ypsilanti, MI

This slaughter will not solve the problem of deer-and other wildlife, eating residents vegetation. This is cruel & inhumane. I voted for my tax dollars to protect open space for humans & wildlife. Many residents oppose hired guns slaughtering deer in our parks. Residents should be able to vote on this.

Elena Wakeman

Ann Arbor, MI

I do NOT want guns and killing in my city parks!!!

Bonnie Flanders

Ann Arbor, MI

I have lived in the Ann Arbor area since 1949. From my personal experience there have always been deer in the city of Ann Arbor. People are the problem for the deer. There are better ways to deal with deer than shooting them. I now own farm property west of Ann Arbor and all wild life is welcome where ever I am.

Dwight Smith

Ann Arbor, MI

They did this in Rochester Hills, it was a massacre! Some sharpshooters! And did not help to reduce anything. There was blood everywhere.

Junior Barnes

I'm signing because I don't think the City Council did their homework. Culling should never be the first choice. If there is really an overpopulation, let's look at alternatives to culling!! Instead, we should be culling City Council members! Let's make sure that these members are never re-elected!!

Audrey Gray

Ann Arbor, MI

This proves that this city government has forgotten we live in a democracy. I do not want my taxes to be used for this which I oppose.

Merle Rosensweig

Ann Arbor, MI

Humans should live WITH nature. And think instead of taking the easiest way which will bring up even crueler generations.

Jenny Capua Shenker

Ann Arbor, MI

Nature will correct its problems, If in fact there is a problem. Do we just see the deer as a nonsense rather then a "problem" and this is an easy solution for us to correct the "problem" (which is really our problem). Is killing them going to fix all our problem's or nonsense's? Is this way? I believe that is how Isis, Nazism......etc solves their problems or nonsense's?

Colleen Tracy

Ann Arbor

Nonviolent solutions are best.

Barb Goodsitt

Killing the dear will not solve the problem. The HVHS is the one with the answe.

Ann LaPointe

Ann Arbor, MI

The cull is inhumane, ineffective and unnecessary!

Mary Hubl

Ann Arbor, MI

It's not going to solve the problem. Sounds like a lot of money, More deer are just going to filter in. I think a sterilization program would be more beneficial.

Roxanne Shetler

Empire, MI

This is such BS! Spending 90k on tax payers money and nonetheless its a flawed study. What a waste!

Erica Nagy

South Lyon, MI

THIS IS WRONG!!!! What gives you the right to think that it is okay in anyway, shape or form to destroy the gifts that God has but on this earth. Hunting and killing for food is one thing, killing because someones flowers are beening eatten not right not at all. All of the valid points of why not to do this, murder, motherless fawns, shooting in town and so many more. How will you all feel once you've managed to cover the snow in the parks that your children play in with the blood of these animals. How will the people who have voted for this feel when a freak accident happens and a missed shot ends up killing someone in a house 100 yards away. This is really what the human race has come to "lets kill living creatures because they are eatting my flowers" give me a break, who was here first. I am pretty sure at one point there was land for these animals to roam, where there is now a whole city. Who is really invading whos space, maybe we should post some deer signs "deer stop do not enter the city that we built on your land!" This makes me sick to think how ignorant people have become.

Lisa Deatrick

Adrian, MI

The deer cull is not necessary.

Leslie McGowan

Ann Arbor, MI

I work in Ann Arbor, I see dear in the yard of my work all the time. I love watching them while I am out on my break they are beautiful! Having sharp shooters roaming around Ann Arbor shooting at deer does not sound sage to me at all! I would hate for one to miss a deer thats out in front on my job and hit me or someone else. There has got to be a better way!!

Alexis Stanton

Holt, MI

really? Killing is the answer? Really

Susan Prager

Ann Arbor, MI

This massacre is not just a embarrassment to Ann Arbor, it is inhumane and cruel... just an excuse for boys with their guns to kill for sport. Ann Arbor must find another solution.

Karen Hall

Denver, CO

there are other better, more humane options to deer population control.

Liz Conlin

Saline, MI

This is an unacceptable method of management.

Mark Roy

Ann Arbor, MI

Global conservation group has also stopped in!!!!! Thanks Jordan Turner.

Patricia LaBreck

Ann Arbor, MI

Our city darted the female deer, transported them to police headquarters, removed their ovaries, tagged them, placed them back where they were darted, gave them an antidote all for about 500. per deer. People lined up to volunteer to help with this.Doing about 15 to 20 a year will soon bring the population under control. You always have killing them as an option, so why not try a more humane measure.

Tim Parmley

Fairfax, VA

The council vote is an embarrassment for the city. It is not only un-ethical, but also, illegal, dangerous, and totally un-necessary. I am disgusted and will vote accordingly in the next election.

Peter Grant

Ann Arbor, MI

I believe so strongly that the cull is wrong ......

Melanie Diana

Ann Arbor, MI

It's their world, too.

Amy Bates

San Francisco, CA

There are humane ways to manage wildlife that people displace because of development and human encroachment (into wildlife areas). In this day and age to automatically resort to lethal means shows a completely unevolved mindset, and one that is in no way indicitave of leadership.

Maria Kimble

Sterling, VA

This is an atrocity! Ann Arbor has always embodied the flower, fauna and wildlife that grace us with their presence! This will be a bloody and inhumane thing that will taint the city as heartless killers. Maybe it will encourage others to do the same? Imagine walking down State St only to be shot because someone thought it okay to deer hunt in the city? A gentle species is what our whitetail deer are, those that vote to kill them will need to live with the guilt of allowing this to happen. Shame on you!

Lisa Weasel

Saline, MI

This slaughter is a farce.

Timothy Durham

Silver Spring, MD

Killing is wrong, no matter the species.

Cynthia Lonas

Glen Allen, VA

There are more humane ways to control a deer population than culling. The AA City Council did not explore less violent methods before deciding to use a culling method. This is wrong headed.

Elizabeth Hurwitz

Ann Arbor, MI

Animal abuse should be treated seriously. Only people without compassion would do this thing to another being.

Every countries in this world really need to start taking animal abuses seriously.

Nicole Loh

Singapore, Singapore

There are viable alternatives to what is being deemed a "nuisance" problem yet all the statistics show otherwise. JMB

Jeanne Bradley

Ann Arbor, MI

Enough with killing!

Marco Morales

New Bern, NC

This is certainly not a well thought out response city folks should start thinking like country folks do

Jerry Raymor

Ann Arbor, MI

This is wrong!!

Julie Byrd

Dexter, MI

The deer are fine. After going to school in A2 for five years and working as a bus driver For the university for two I have seen a deer hit precisely once. That is shockingly low. Speed limits in the city are low and the deer hold to North Campus, where all the speed limits are residential. This is ridiculous, unnecessary, inhumane and financially irresponsible. Stop now.

Morgan Byrd

Plymouth, MI

There are alternative scientific ways of dealing with issues. Knee jerk reaction is NOT the ANSWER.

Sudipto Mukherjee

Cleveland, OH

Non-lethal methods of wildlife management within our shared habitat is the ONLY civilized, educated, safe, and reasonable method to co-exist now and in the future. The City of Trees supports wildlife by nature of its character. City Council, comprised of our elected officials, has become an embarrassment and a hazard to the citizens of Ann Arbor and its animal inhabitants.

Viviane Shammas

Ann Arbor, MI

We can find a better option than shooting in city neighborhoods!

Colleen Seifert

Ann Arbor, MI

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