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WARNING: Graphic Content


Nearby Rochester Hills, Michigan started a deer management plan with lethal methods-- and have since moved to non-lethal methods following a public outcry (Their biologist believes non-lethal methods will work in Ann Arbor as well.) Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania started a cull and stopped as well. 





The video below shows the aftermath of the deer kill at the Avon Nature Center that took place Jan. 21, 2009, just a few feet away from two major streets full of traffic. No streets were secured; no neighbors were warned to stay at home. The cull started at rush hour, 6 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m.

This deer was shot while eating from a bait pile. Severely wounded, she thrashed into trees and brushes for a while. At the death site, a frozen pool of blood and a big hole were found, indicating that she might have been later on shot a second time on the spot. After that, she was dragged out. Residents believed this unnecessary and cruel slaughter also put neighbors and passersby at risk from getting shot or hit by a wounded/scared deer running into traffic (which reportedly happened).

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