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Sample Letters to City Council Members

Resident of or Business Owner in Ann Arbor - Sample 1


Dear Council Members,


I am deeply disturbed and disappointed by your decision to cull deer in the City of Ann Arbor. As a [resident of, business owner in] Ann Arbor, I feel like those I have elected to represent me are not reflecting any of the values I hold. Though I understand that finding solutions to others' landscaping problems is challenging, I know that the leaders of this community have the ability to think outside the box and find an alternative that is more progressive and enlightened.


I would genuinely like to understand why this seems like the best solution to you. This will help me to make an informed decision next time I go to the polls. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Hoping that this message finds you well and inspires a change of not only heart, but perspective. Please consider amending your decision.



[Your Name]



Resident of or Business Owner in Ann Arbor - Sample 2


Dear Ann Arbor City Representatives (current and future),


Your voting to spend taxpayer money on sharpshooters to shoot deer in Ann Arbor's parks and property is shocking.


People here appreciate our wildlife, and the idea that we are going to kill off animals who are inconvenient to gardens is appalling. I'm a gardener, too, but there are more humane ways to protect your plants. And I understand the fear of deer-vehicle collisions, too, but there are other, better, less lethal options (e.g., signage, lower speed limits).


As someone who uses and enjoys our many parks, the idea that you would authorize the use of guns in our parks makes me speechless. Sharpshooters can miss; no one is infallible. 


Most upsetting is the total mismanagement of city funds in the process that you came to this conclusion. A flawed study, two flyovers, and now more money on a 4-year cull? How about our roads?



[Your Name]






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