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The resolution passed by the City of Ann Arbor on August 17, 2015

This text is that on the original bill which can be found on the City's website here.


Resolution to Establish a Deer Management Program within the City of Ann Arbor
Whereas, In May 2014, City Council tasked the City Administrator with evaluating options for deer management in Ann Arbor;

Whereas, In August 2014, City Council directed the City Administrator to develop a community-supported deer management plan; 

Whereas, Between October 2014 and April 2015, City staff conducted a review, evaluation and community engagement process including interviews with stakeholders, an online citizen survey (537 respondents), three public meetings, and two deer count flyovers which collectively provided the basis for the staff report delivered to City Council May 7, 2015 "Recommendations for Deer Management in Ann Arbor"; 

Whereas, The May 7, 2015 report found, in part, that:

* the large majority of deer - about 80% in the two aerial counts - are found in or near the boundaries of Wards 1 and 2
* city residents report increased deer in parks, along streets, and in residential neighborhoods; 65% of the Ward 1 and 2 survey respondents reported an increase in deer in their neighborhoods the last three years
* damage from deer browsing has been documented in residential neighborhoods in all sections of the City; 73% of the Ward 1 and 2 survey respondents reported damage to their plants and/or landscaping
* botanical damage from deer browsing has been documented in public parks, including damage to deciduous and evergreen native tree seedlings
* residents express concern about automobile accidents involving deer (majority in Wards 1 & 2) as well as infectious diseases and tick-borne illness within the deer herd; 

Whereas, In May 2015, the City Administrator presented City Council with a deer management plan that recommends decreasing the deer population to reduce deer-human negative interaction using several methods, including the following:

* Implement a series of annual culls on City property in Wards 1 and 2 beginning in 2016 

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