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Ann Arbor council votes 8-1 to approve controversial deer cull

[Photo by M-Live. Excerpt from M-Live article]

Ann Arbor officials are planning to hire sharpshooters to cull deer in the city each of the next four years, starting with 100 deer this winter.

After more than a year of serious discussions about starting a deer management program, the City Council voted 8-1 early Tuesday morning in favor of a lethal approach, while keeping an open mind about continuing to explore deer fertility control as a future option.

The culls are expected to be carried out at night by trained shooters who will lure deer using bait piles and aim to kill each deer with one fatal shot to the head.

Details such as where exactly the shooters will be stationed remain to be worked out, but it will be on city property such as parks and natural areas on the north and east sides of the city in wards 1 and 2 where deer are most heavily concentrated.

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