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City Council Members call HSHV funding into question

As the Humane Society of Huron Valley continues its "stop the shoot" campaign opposing a deer cull in Ann Arbor, some City Council members are questioning the city's relationship with the agency.

The city doesn't have a direct contract with the Humane Society for local animal control and shelter services, but Washtenaw County does, and the city reimburses the county for the city's share, which amounts to $135,570 this year.

Council Member Jane Lumm, who has led the charge on council for both the deer cull and the contract funding for animal control services, said some council members are questioning the contract "because of how the Humane Society has become so antagonistic and combative and hard to work with."

Lumm said there are "kind of sidebar chats" about canceling the Humane Society contract, though she's not advocating for that.

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