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Sharpshooters must get permission to shoot deer near homes

[Excerpted from M-Live. Full article here.]

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources on Wednesday issued a two-month permit allowing the city of Ann Arbor to bring sharpshooters into city parks to shoot up to 100 deer — with some restrictions.

Most notably, shooting cannot occur within 450 feet of any occupied buildings unless written consent is obtained by the owner or occupant.

That means if sharpshooters fire guns within 450 feet of anyone's house, apartment or other occupied building without written permission, that constitutes a violation of the permit conditions as spelled out by the DNR.

How close sharpshooters could come to private residences, and whether they would need permission to fire shots within 450 feet, has been a topic of discussion for months, and it's been a concern for many residents worried about the safety risks of culling deer in parks and nature areas close to residential areas.

The city had stated in its permit application that it believed the state law regarding a 450-foot safety zone for hunting shouldn't apply to a special nuisance cull.

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