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Town with more deer than Ann Arbor "not going to buy into a deer culling"

Aerial surveys reveal Hendersonville, Tennessee has about 19.4 deer per square mile.

USDA wildlife biologist Blaine Hyde says this number is actually lower than the state average. Hendersonville’s problem, he added, is not the number of deer but rather the number of deer concentrated in certain areas.

“You have a normal-sized deer herd that is concentrated in certain areas because people are feeding them,” he said.

Hyle said a no-feeding ordinance is just one of several steps the city could take before pursuing lethal measures.

“The public at large is not going to buy into a deer culling without trying several non-lethal manners,” he said. “We want it to be the right thing to do and at this point we believe that it should not be the first step.”

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