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Protesters urge City to call off the deer cull

"Stop the shoot! Save the deer!"

That was the message chanted by protesters outside Ann Arbor's city hall Friday night in opposition to the city's plan to hire sharpshooters to kill 100 deer this winter.

They carried signs with messages such as "No deer massacre in Ann Arbor," "Stop the deer slaughter," and "No snipers in our parks!"

Another protester had a sign suggesting an alternate way to spend city taxpayer money: "Kill potholes, not deer."

The peaceful demonstration was organized by a local group called Save the Deer Ann Arbor and the Wisconsin-based Global Conservation Group.

A few dozen protesters lined Huron Street outside city hall, where the City Council less than two months ago voted 8-1 in favor of a four-year culling program.

The protesters are hoping city officials will have a change of heart and halt what they consider a cruel and needless slaughter.

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